Forensic Toolkit for SQLite


The Most Powerful SQLite Forensics Software Available

The Forensic Toolkit for SQLite includes three comprehensive software applications, The Forensic Browser for SQLiteForensic Recovery for SQLite and SQLite Forensic Explorer, which make recovering SQLite records from disk, image and database simpler and more intuitive. These tools are an invaluable addition to any investigators toolbox.

Forensic Toolkit Pricing

Commercial License 1 Year

1 User License $842.50 USD
5 Users License $3,842.00 USD

Commercial License 1 Year Renewal

1 User License $209.00 USD
5 Users License $765.00 USD

LEO License 1 Year

1 User License $595.00 USD
5 Users License $2,728.25 USD

LEO License 1 Year Renewal

1 User License $155.00 USD
5 Users License $525.00 USD

Learn about the ESE Extension for the Forensic Browser.

3 Amazing Tools Designed for SQLite Analysis

Our Forensic Toolkit for SQLite software bundle is made up of 3 unique tools. Each tool offers it’s own approach to SQLite database analysis, recovery, and exploration, providing you with endless reporting capabilities.

Forensic Browser for SQLite 

Have you ever needed to create a report from an SQLite database that is not supported by your current forensic tools, or your current forensic tool only supplies a subset of the data?

Have you looked at an SQLite database and been frustrated that a date column is displayed as just a string of user-unfriendly digits?

Would you like to look at a blob field as a picture rather than just see “blob” displayed in the field?

Our Forensic Browser for SQLite is designed to do all that and more! The Forensic Browser affords you the opportunity to learn SQLite as you go.  Start out as a beginner and work your way to becoming an expert.

SQLite Forensic Explorer

SQLite Forensic Explorer is an investigative tool designed to show every single byte of an SQLite database, journal or WAL file along with its decoded data. This means you can look at any field in the DB/WAL file header and see what it means, or you can look at an index B-Tree page and see each structure within the decoded page.

SQLite Forensic Explorer provides an unparalleled view into the structure and workings of SQLite at a file-level and is invaluable to forensic investigators  who want to know more about the structure of a database, including; examining unused spaces in tables and indexes, viewing how each record in encoded and stored in a table or index, exploring the free list and every page within it, and much more.

SQLite Forensic Recovery

Modern operating systems typically employ a large number of SQLite databases, creating a need for digital forensic investigators to be able to view them all alongside each other.

Our SQLite Forensic Recovery tool allows investigators to gain an overview of the type and content of the databases contained on the suspect’s computer. These databases can contain anything from SMS messages to lists of passwords, which are an invaluable source of evidence.

SQLite Recovery is a forensic tool to aid in the recovery of databases, tables and records. It can search a disk, volume, image or file for deleted SQLite databases. 

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