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SQLite Forensic Training for Law Enforcement

Sanderson Forensics SQLite Toolkit is featured in the Teel Technologies SQLite forensics training courses. Teel Technologies offers both foundation and advanced SQLite Database Forensics training to Law Enforcement, Military, Border Security and Government Agencies from around the world. This class is designed for all skill levels, enabling students to become comfortable with working with SQLite data.

About Teel Technologies

Since 2006, Teel Technologies has provided extensive training for professionals tasked with investigating mobile device and digital media. Their instructors are some of the industries leading experts. If you are interested in attending Teel Technologies SQLite Forensic training, please view the available class dates. Alternatively, book your private class (6-12 students) with their mobile classroom.

The course was excellent in providing a foundation to build the skills in understanding SQLite databases and how to navigate them. The advanced portion of the course really did a deep dive in truly dissecting the SQLite in a hex editor and provided the knowledge to further understand the structure of the database at the very root level. Maggie did a great job presenting the material and creating an environment that fostered learning. SQLite Complete - Fredericksburg, VA

June 2019

Course Details

SQLite Complete Forensic Training

This new class combines both our SQLite Foundations and Advanced classes into one class at a discounted rate.
Days 1-3 will cover the foundations of SQLite Forensics. We’ll discover how SQLite functions at a byte level; explore common recovery locations; delve into data recovery, report generation, converting date formats, reverse engineering, data validation, and much more.

Day 4-5 will cover more advanced Sqlite recovery and analysis topics such as; encryption, recovery from incomplete and orphaned records, manual parsing, advanced data recovery, simulated data testing/verification/decryption, and much more.

Save up to $995 USD on tuition when you sign up for the Teel Technologies SQLite Complete 5-day Training

SQLite Forensic Foundations Training

The Teel Technologies 3-day SQLite Forensic Training will help examiners close that gap by teaching the students:

  • How SQLite works at the byte-level
  • What are the different types of SQLite data components
  • What are the 5 common locations to recover SQLite data
  • How to perform report data validation
  • How to Reverse Engineer ANY SQLite database
  • Converting and identifying virtually any date format easily
  • Display BLOB data within the forensic tool
  • How to use a tool designed from the ground-up as a forensic tool
  • How to recover data from .WAL and .journal files
  • How to generate reports quickly from any SQLite database to include externally linked images

SQLite Forensic Advanced Training

Teel Technologies SQLite Advanced is a stand-alone 3-day class. It builds on the already nationally-recognized Teel Technologies SQLite Forensics Class by covering topics such as:

In this course, students will explore:

  • SQLite Record Recovery (Incomplete and Orphaned Records)
  • Manual Parsing of Write-Ahead Logs and Journal Files
  • Advanced Data Recovery Scenarios
  • Manual SQLite Data Recovery
  • SQLite Payload Examination/SQLite Data Construct Parsing
  • Using simulations to perform data testing/verification/decryption
  • SQLite Encryption
  • Advance Scenario Exam
  • and much more!

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